(No. 1434)




   "And she shall bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS:
   for He shall save His people from their sins." Matthew 1:21.

   BERNARD has delightfully said that the name of Jesus is honey in the
   mouth, melody in the ear and joy in the heart. I rejoice in that
   expression on my own account, for it gives me my share of the delight
   and leads me to hope that while I am speaking, the sweetness of the
   precious name of Jesus may fill my own mouth. Here, also, is a portion
   for you who are listening--it is melody in the ears! If my voice should
   be harsh and my words discordant, you will yet have music of the
   choicest order, for the name itself is essential melody and my whole
   sermon will ring with its silver note! May both speaker and hearer join
   in the third word of Bernard's sentence and may we all find it to be
   joy in our hearts, a jubilee within our souls! Jesus is the Way to God,
   therefore will we preach Him! He is the Truth, therefore will we hear
   of Him! He is the Life, therefore shall our hearts rejoice in Him! So
   inexpressibly fragrant is the name of Jesus that it imparts a delicious
   perfume to everything which comes in connection with it.

   Our thoughts will turn, this morning, to the first use of the name in
   connection with our Lord, when the Child who was yet to be born was
   named Jesus. Here we find everything suggestive of comfort. The person
   to whom that name was first revealed was Joseph, a carpenter, a humble
   man, a working man, unknown and undistinguished except by the justice
   of his character. To the artisan of Nazareth was this name first
   imparted! It is not, therefore, a title to be monopolized by the ears
   of princes, sages, priests, warriors or men of wealth--it is a name to
   be made a household word among common people! He is the people's
   Christ, for of old it was said of Him, "I have exalted One chosen out
   of the people." Let every carpenter and every worker of every sort
   rejoice with all other sorts of men in the name of Jesus!

   There is consolation in the messenger who made known that name to
   Joseph, for it was the angel of the Lord who, in the visions of the
   night, whispered that charming name into his ear and, henceforth,
   angels are in league with men and gather to one standard, moved by the
   same watchword as ourselves--the name of Jesus! Did God send the name
   by an angel and did the angel delight to come with it? Then is there a
   bond of sympathy between us and angelic spirits and we are come, this
   day, not only "to the general assembly and church of the firstborn,"
   but "to an innumerable company of angels," by whom that name is
   regarded with reverent love!

   Nor is the condition of Joseph, when he heard this name, altogether
   without instruction. The angel spoke to him in a dream--that name is so
   soft and sweet that it breaks no man's rest but rather yields an
   unrivalled peace--the peace of God! With such a dream, Joseph's sleep
   was more blessed than his waking. The name has evermore this power,
   for, to those who know it, it unveils a glory brighter than dreams have
   ever imaged! Under its power young men see visions and old men dream
   dreams--and these do not mock them, but are prophecies faithful and
   true! The name of Jesus brings before our minds a vision of Glory in
   the latter days when Jesus shall reign from pole to pole--and yet
   another vision of Glory unutterable when His people shall be with Him
   where He is!

   The name of Jesus was sweet at the first because of the words with
   which it was accompanied--for they were meant to remove perplexity from
   Joseph's mind and some of them ran thus--"Fear not." Truly, no name can
   banish fear like the name of Jesus! It is the beginning of hope and the
   end of despair! Let but the sinner hear of "the Savior" and he forgets
   to die! He hopes to live! He rises out of the deadly lethargy of his
   hopelessness and, looking upward, he sees a reconciled God and no
   longer fears. Especially, Brothers and Sisters, this name is full of
   rare delights when we meditate upon the infinite preciousness of the
   Person to whom it was assigned. Ah, here is a Jonathan's wood dripping
   with honey

   from every bough and he that tastes it shall have his eyes enlightened!
   We have no common Savior, for neither earth nor Heaven could produce
   His equal!

   At the time when the name was given, His full Person had not been seen
   by mortal eyes, for He lay as yet concealed. But soon He came forth,
   having been born of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit! A matchless
   Man, He bears our nature, but not our corruption! He was made in the
   likeness of sinful flesh, but yet in His flesh there is no sin! This
   Holy One is the Son of God and yet He is the Son of man! This
   surpassing excellence of Nature makes His name most precious! I shall
   ask the exercise of your patience while I consider seven things in
   reference to this transporting name. It is as ointment poured forth and
   its scent is varied so as to contain the essence of all fragrances.
   These seven things will be seen very plainly by you if you continue to
   look at the text and its connection.

   I. First, we shall remark that THE NAME OF JESUS IS A NAME DIVINELY
   ORDERED AND EXPOUNDED. According to the text, the angel brought a
   message from the Lord and said, "You shall call His name Jesus." It is
   a name which, like He who bears it, has come down from Heaven. Our Lord
   has other names of office and relationship, but this is specially and
   peculiarly His own personal name and it is the Father who has thus
   named Him. Rest assured, therefore, that it is the best name that He
   could bear!

   God would not have given Him a name of secondary value, or about which
   there would be a trace of dishonor. The name is the highest, brightest
   and noblest of names--it is the glory of our Lord to be a Savior. To
   the best that was ever born of woman, God has given the best name that
   any son of man could bear. JESUS is the most appropriate name that our
   Lord could receive. Of this we are quite certain, for the Father knew
   all about Him and could name Him well. He knows much more about the
   Lord Christ than all saints and angels put together, for, "No man knows
   the Son but the


   To perfection the Father knew Him and He names Him Jesus. We may be
   sure, then, that our Lord is, most of all, a Savior and is best
   described by that term. God, the Father, who knows Him best, sees this
   to be His grand characteristic, that He is a Savior and is best
   represented by the name, "Jesus." Since infinite wisdom has selected
   it, we may be sure that it is a name which must be true and must be
   verified by facts of no mean order. God, who cannot be mistaken, calls
   Him Jesus, a Savior and, therefore, Jesus, a Savior He must be upon a
   grand scale--continually, abundantly and in a most apparent manner!
   Neither will God refuse to accept the work which He has done, since by
   the gift of that name He has commissioned Him to save sinners. When we
   plead the name of Jesus before God, we bring Him back His own Word and
   appeal to Him by His own act and deed.

   Is not the name of Jesus to be viewed with reverential delight by each
   one of us when we remember from where it came? He is not a Savior of
   our own setting up, but God the everlasting Father has set Him forth
   for our Deliverer and Savior, saying, "You shall call His name Jesus."
   It is a name which the Holy Spirit explains, for He tells us the reason
   for the name of Jesus--"For He shall save His people from their sins."
   "Savior" is the meaning of the name, but it has a fuller sense hidden
   within, for in its Hebrew form it means, "the salvation of the Lord,"
   or, "the Lord of salvation," or "the Savior." The angel interprets it,
   "He shall save," and the word for, "He," is very emphatic.

   According to many scholars, the Divine name, the incommunicable title
   of the Most High is contained in "Joshua," the Hebrew form of Jesus, so
   that in full the word means, "Jehovah Savior," and in brief it
   signifies, "Savior." It is given to our Lord because "He saves"--not
   according to any temporary and common salvation, from enemies and
   troubles-- but He saves from spiritual enemies and specially from sins.
   Joshua of old was a savior, Gideon was a savior, David was a
   savior--but the title is given to our Lord above all others because He
   is a Savior in a sense in which no one else is or can be--He saves His
   people from their sins!

   The Jews were looking for a Savior--they expected one who would break
   the Roman yoke and save them from being under bondage to a foreign
   power! But our Divine Lord came not for such a purpose. He came to be a
   Savior of a more spiritual sort and to break quite another yoke by
   saving His people from their sins. The word, "save," is very rich in
   meaning--its full and exact force can hardly be given in English words.
   Jesus is salvation in the sense of deliverance and also in that of
   preservation. He gives health. He is all that is salutary to His
   people. In the fullest and broadest sense He saves His people.

   The original word means to preserve, to keep, to protect from danger
   and to secure. The grandest meanings generally dwell in the shortest
   words and in this case the word, "save," is a well where the plummet is
   long in finding a

   bottom! Jesus brings a great salvation, or as Paul says, "so great
   salvation," as if he felt that he could never estimate its greatness
   (Heb. 2:3). He also speaks of it as, "eternal salvation" (Heb. 5:9),
   even as Isaiah said, "Israel shall be saved in the Lord with an
   everlasting salvation." Glorious beyond measure is the name, "Jesus,"
   as it is Divinely expounded to us, for by that very exposition the
   eternal God guarantees the success of the Savior!

   He declares that He shall save His people and save His people He must.
   God Himself sets Him forth to us as--

   "Jesus, Savior, Son of God, Bearer of the sinner's load."

   Thus we have a name, dear Friends, which we have not to explain for
   ourselves. As we did not choose it, so we are not left to expound
   it--God who gave the text has preached us the sermon! He who appointed
   the name has given us the reason for it, so that we are not left in
   ignorance or uncertainty. We might have said, "Yes, His name is Jesus,
   but it refers to a salvation which was worked in the olden ages." But
   no, the Word of the Lord tells us, "You shall call His name Jesus, for
   He shall save His people from their sins"--and this is for all time
   since He always has a people and these people always need to be saved
   from their sins! Let us be glad that we have such a Savior and that the
   name of Jesus retains all the sweetness and power it ever had and shall
   retain it till all the chosen people are saved--and then forever and

   Moreover, in addition to expounding this name, the Holy Spirit, by the
   Evangelist Matthew, has been pleased to refer us to the synonym of it
   and so to give us its meaning by comparison. Let me read you the next
   verses. "Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was
   spoken of the Lord by the Prophet, saying, Behold, a virgin shall be
   with Child and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His name
   Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us." If, when our Lord
   was born and named, "Jesus," the old prophecy which said that He should
   be called Emmanuel was fulfilled, it follows that the name, "Jesus,"
   bears a signification tantamount to that of "Emmanuel" and that its
   virtual meaning is "God with us."

   Indeed, Brothers and Sisters, He is Jesus, the Savior, because He is
   Emmanuel, God with us! And as soon as He was born and so became
   Emmanuel, the Incarnate God, He became by that very fact, Jesus, the
   Savior! By coming down from Heaven into this earth and taking upon
   Himself our Nature, He bridged the otherwise bridgeless gulf between
   God and man! By suffering in that human Nature and imparting, through
   His Divine Nature, an infinite efficacy to those sufferings, He removed
   that which would have destroyed us and brought us everlasting life and
   salvation! O Jesus, dearest of all names in earth or in Heaven, I love
   Your music all the better because it is in such sweet harmony with
   another which rings melodiously in my ears, the name Emmanuel, God with
   us! Our Savior is God and therefore able! He is God with us and
   therefore pitiful! He is Divine and therefore infinitely wise! But He
   is human and therefore full of compassion!

   This, then, is our first head--this charming name of Jesus is a jewel
   from the casket of Heaven. It comes to us as an apple of gold and it is
   attended by an exposition which places it in a basket of silver! The
   name is precious as the golden Mercy Seat and over it burns the light
   of the Divine Glory, so that we may not stumble at it, but may rejoice
   in the great light! It lets us know the very heart of God in reference
   to His Son--why He sent Him; what He meant Him to be and to do--and in
   what manner He would glorify Him. Salvation is the joyful sound which
   rings from the bells of our High Priest's garment as He comes forth to
   bless us! God, who spoke to our fathers by His Prophets, now speaks to
   us by His Son whose name is Salvation! Is there not a mint of joy in

   II. Secondly, although this name was thus chosen by God, OUR LORD WAS

   NAME OF JESUS BY MAN. To this I call your special notice. "She (Mary)
   shall bring forth a son and you (Joseph) shall call His name Jesus."
   The God of Heaven by His angel appoints the child's name, but His
   reputed father must announce it! Both Joseph and Mary, according to the
   Divine command, united in calling the child by the appointed name. See,
   then, that the name which is chosen of God is fully accepted by
   instructed men. Those who are taught of God joyfully recognize that
   Christ is salvation and without a question give Him the well-beloved
   name of Jesus, the Savior.

   Here note that the name Jesus, Savior, was given to our Lord by two
   simple hearts as soon as ever He was revealed to them. They only needed
   to be told who He was and why He came, how He was born and what was the
   object of His Incarnation and they at once accepted the Divine message
   and named the Baby by the name of Jesus. And, Brethren, all of us to
   whom Christ is revealed at all, call Him Jesus the Savior! Many there
   are who think they know our Lord, but since

   they only speak of Him as a Prophet, a Teacher, or a Leader and care
   not for Him as a Savior, we are clear that they are in ignorance as to
   His chief Character.

   His first name, His personal name they know not. The Holy Spirit cannot
   have revealed Christ to any man if that man remains ignorant of His
   saving power! He who does not know Him as Jesus, the Savior, does not
   know Him at all! Certain anti-Christian Christians are craftily
   extolling Christ that they may smite Jesus--I mean that they cry up
   Jesus as Messiah, sent of God, to exhibit a grand example and supply a
   pure code of morals, but they cannot endure Jesus as a Savior,
   redeeming us by His blood and by His death delivering us from sin! I am
   not sure that they follow His example of holy living, but they are very
   loud in extolling it and all with the purpose of drawing off men's
   thoughts from the chief Character and main object of our Lord's sojourn
   among us, namely, the deliverance of His people from sin! If men knew
   our Lord they would call Him Jesus, the Savior, and regard Him not
   merely as a good Man, a great Teacher, a noble Exemplar, but as the
   Savior of sinners!

   Now, Joseph and Mary not only believed, so as to give the young Child
   the name in their own minds, but in due time they took Him up to the
   Temple and presented Him according to the Law and there publicly His
   name was called Jesus. All hearts to whom God commits His Christ should
   publicly acknowledge Him in the most solemn manner according to His
   ordinance and should desire in all proper places to confess Him as the
   Savior. The Infant Christ was committed to the care of Joseph and Mary
   to nurse and protect. Wonder of wonders, that HE should need a
   guardian, who is the Preserver of men and the Shepherd of His saints!
   In His feebleness as a Baby He needed parental care and in caring for
   Him, Joseph and Mary did not hesitate to avow their faith by giving Him
   a name which indicated His destiny! Nor did they refuse to declare His
   name in the Temple before the priests and the congregation.

   Now, in a certain sense Christ is committed to the keeping of all His
   people. This day we have a charge to keep--we are to preserve His
   Gospel in the world, to maintain His Truth and to publish His salvation
   and, therefore, we are bound to bear this testimony, that He is Jesus,
   the Savior of sinners! This we must make very prominent. Others shall
   say what they please about Him and if they speak well of His Character
   in any respect we will be glad that they shall do it, however little
   they may know. But this is our peculiar testimony, that our Lord saves
   from sin! Nothing is more prominent about a man than his name--we can
   hardly mention him without pronouncing his name--and so we feel that we
   cannot mention our Lord without speaking of salvation! If He is
   anything, He is Jesus, the Savior!

   We know Him best by that name! We preach unto men Jesus! We insist upon
   it first and foremost that He is the sinner's Savior! He is righteous
   and loves righteousness, but He is first known to men as the Friend of
   sinners. He is the faithful and true Witness, the Prince of the kings
   of the earth--but His first work is to save! After that He teaches and
   rules His saved ones. Sunken in sin, men need to be redeemed from that
   tremendous evil and the consequent wrath--and this awful need is met by
   Jesus, the Savior! So, Beloved, you see that the name chosen of God is
   given to Him by all those who know Him and to whom His Gospel is
   entrusted. And it is given heartily, zealously and boldly! Yes, all of
   us call Him Jesus if we know Him and we are resolved to publish His
   name abroad as long as we live!

   If He was Jesus in the cradle, what is He now that He is exalted in the
   heavens? As Emmanuel, God with us, His very Incarnation made Him Jesus,
   the Savior of men! But what shall I say of Him, now that beyond His
   Incarnation we have His Atonement? And above His Atonement His
   Resurrection? And beyond that His Ascension and, to crown all, His
   perpetual intercession? How grandly does the title befit Him, now that
   He is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him,
   seeing He always lives to make intercession for them!

   If in the arms of the Virgin He is the Savior, what is He on the Throne
   of God? If wrapped in swaddling bands He is Jesus, what is He now that
   the heavens have received Him? If in the workshop of Nazareth and
   sitting in the Temple among the doctors, He was the Child Jesus, the
   Savior, what is He now that His Infancy and Childhood are over and He
   is exalted far above all principalities and powers? If He was Jesus
   when on the Cross, presenting Himself as an offering for His people,
   what is He now that He has, by one Sacrifice, perfected forever them
   that are set apart? What is He now that He sits at the right hand of
   God, waiting till His enemies are made His footstool?

   Let us all unite in calling our Lord by this tender human name of
   Jesus! Are we not His mother and sister and brother? Did He not call
   all Believers by these endearing titles? Then we, too, will call Him
   Jesus--"Jesus, name all names above! Jesus best and nearest! Jesus,
   fount of perfect love, holiest, most tender, dearest! Jesus, source of
   Divine Grace completed! Jesus holiest, sweetest! Jesus, Savior all
   Divine, Yours the name, and only Yours!


   ALONE. There had been a Jesus before our Jesus. I allude to Joshua and
   you know that in our version the name Jesus is twice used where Joshua
   is really meant. The first is Acts 7:4, 5, where we read of the fathers
   who entered in with Jesus into the possession of the Gentiles,
   evidently meaning Joshua. And the second in Hebrews 4:8, "If Jesus had
   given them rest." Joshua is the Hebrew form and Jesus the Greek form,
   but Jesus and Joshua are the same word.

   There was one, then, of old, who bore this famous name of Jesus, or
   Joshua, and was a type of our Jesus. What did Joshua do? When Moses
   could not lead the people into Canaan, Joshua did it. And so our Jesus
   accomplishes what the Law never could have done! Joshua overcame the
   enemies of God's people. Though they were very many and very strong and
   had cities walled to Heaven and chariots of iron, yet in the name of
   Jehovah, as captain of the Lord's host, Joshua smote them! Even so does
   our glorious Joshua smite our sins and all the powers of darkness! And
   He utterly destroys our spiritual enemies. Before Joshua, Amalek is
   smitten, Jericho falls and Canaanites are put to rout--while Jesus
   gives us triumphs in every place!

   Moreover, Joshua conquered an inheritance for Israel, took them across
   the Jordan, settled them in a land that flowed with milk and honey and
   gave to each tribe and to each man to stand in his lot which God had
   ordained for him. Precisely this is what our Jesus does, only our
   inheritance is more Divine and on each one of us it is more surely
   entailed. Though Joshua could not give to the people the heavenly
   Sabbatismos, or rest of the highest kind, yet he gave them rest most
   pleasant to them, so that every man sat under his own vine and fig
   tree, none making him afraid. But our glorious Joshua has given us
   infinite, eternal rest, for He is our peace and they that know Him have
   entered into rest!

   Joshua, the son of Nun, caused the people to serve the Lord all his
   days, but he could not save the nation from their sins, for after his
   death they grievously went astray. Our Joshua reserves to Himself a
   people zealous for good works, for He always lives and is able to keep
   them from falling. No more does Joshua lift sword or spear on behalf of
   Israel, but Jesus still rides forth, conquering and to conquer--and all
   His people have victory through His blood! Well is His name called
   Jesus! We read of another Jesus in the books of Ezra and Zechariah. The
   form which the word there takes is Jeshua or Joshua. He was the high
   priest who came at the head of the people on their return from Babylon.
   He is spoken of by the Prophet Zechariah in terms which make him a fit
   representative of each of us. But, behold, Jesus of Nazareth is now the
   only High Priest--and having presented His one Sacrifice forever, He
   remains a Priest according to the power of an endless life! He heads
   the march from Babylon and He leads His people back to Jerusalem!

   The name of Jesus was not at all uncommon among the Jews. Josephus
   mentions no less than 12 persons of the name of Jesus. Salvation of a
   certain kind was so longed for by the Jews that their eagerness was
   seen in their children's names. Their little ones were by their hopes
   named as saviors, but saviors they were not! How common are nominal
   saviors! "Lo here," they say, "here is a savior!" "Lo, there," they
   cry, "another savior!" These have the name but not the power and now,
   according to the text, Jesus Christ has engrossed the title for
   Himself! His name shall be called Jesus, for He, alone, is a Prince and
   a Savior and truly saves His people from their sins!

   Other saviors do but mock the hopes of mankind--they promise fairly,
   but they utterly deceive! This holy Child, this blessed, glorious God
   With Us, has truly brought us salvation and He says, "Look unto Me and
   be you saved, all you ends of the earth, for I am God, and beside Me
   there is none else." This Jesus of Nazareth, the King of kings, is the
   one and only Savior! He, and none but He, shall save His people! He
   shall save by His own act and deed--He and not another! Singly and
   alone He shall save His people! Personally, and not by another! In His
   name and on His behalf He shall, by Himself, purge away sin!

   He shall do all the work and leave none undone--He shall begin it,
   carry it on and complete it--and therefore is His name called Jesus
   because He shall completely and perfectly save His people from their
   sins! The name has been, in a minor sense, applied to others, but now
   none else may wear it since there is no other Savior and none other
   name given under Heaven among men whereby we must be saved.

   IV. The fourth point grows out of the wording of the text. THIS NAME
   Jesus," for that name declares His relation to His people. It is to
   them that He is a Savior. He would not be Jesus if He had not a people!
   He could not be, for there could be no Savior if there were none to
   save! And there could be no Savior from sin if there were no sinners.
   Notice, dear Friends, the all-important

   connection here revealed between our Lord and His people since His very
   name hangs on it--His proper, personal name has no meaning apart from
   His people. "He shall save His people."

   It does not say God's people, for then it would have been understood as
   meaning only the Jews, or it would have been supposed to refer to some
   good and holy persons who belonged to God, apart from the Mediator. No,
   but, "He shall save His people"--those who are His own and personally
   belong to Him! These are evidently a very peculiar people, a people set
   apart as Christ's own treasure. They are a people that belong to God
   Incarnate--Emmanuel's people. These He saves. Who are they but His
   elect, whom His Father gave Him before the earth was? Who are they but
   those whose names are engraved on the palms of His hands and written on
   His heart? Who are they but those for whom He counted down the price of
   redemption? Who are they but those for whom He became a Surety, whose
   smart He has borne? Who are they but the numbered sheep that will be
   required at His hands by the great Father, that He should render them
   back by count and number, saying, "I have kept those whom You have
   given Me, for they are Yours"?

   Yes, the Lord knows them that are His and He preserves them unto His
   eternal kingdom and Glory. "He shall save His people." Do you not see
   that this name of Jesus is an election name, after all? It is a wide,
   far-reaching name to sinners dear, to sinners given--but still in the
   depths of its meaning it has a special bearing upon a chosen people--it
   has a ring of sovereignty about it and is all the sweeter because of
   this to those who see in their own salvation an exhibition of
   distinguishing Grace.

   Now the question arises, who are His people? We are eager to know who
   they are and we are glad to find that His people, be they who they may,
   need to be saved and shall be saved, for it is written, "He shall save
   His people." It is not said, "He shall reward His people for their
   righteousness." Nor is it promised that He shall, "save them from
   becoming sinners," but, "He shall save His people from their sins." Do
   you need saving, Brothers and Sisters? Has the Holy Spirit taught you
   that you need salvation? Let your hearts be encouraged! This is the
   character of all His people--He never had a chosen one who could do
   without washing in the Savior's blood! If you are righteous in
   yourself, you are not one of His people! If you were never sick in
   soul, you are none of the folk that the Great Physician has come to

   If you were never guilty of sin, you are none of those whom He has come
   to deliver from sin. Jesus comes on no needless errand and undertakes
   no unnecessary work--if you feel yourselves to need saving, then cast
   yourselves upon Him--for such as you are He came to save! Notice, yet
   again, the very gracious but startling fact that our Lord's connection
   with His people lies in the direction of their sins. This is amazing
   condescension! He is called Savior in connection with His people, but
   it is in reference to their sins, because it is from their sins that
   they need to be saved! If they had never sinned they would never have
   required a Savior--and there would have been no name of Jesus known on
   earth! That is a wonderful text--did you ever meditate upon it?--"Who
   gave Himself for our sins according to the Scriptures."

   As Martin Luther says, He never gave Himself for our righteousness, but
   He did give Himself for our sins! Sin is a horrible evil, a deadly
   poison, yet it is this which gives Jesus His title when He overcomes
   it. What a wonder to think upon! The first link between my soul and
   Christ is not my goodness, but my badness! It is not my merit, but my
   misery! It is not my standing, but my falling! It is not my riches, but
   my need. He comes to visit His people, yet not to admire their
   beauties, but to remove their deformities! He comes not to reward their
   virtues, but to forgive their sins!

   O you sinners! I mean real sinners--not you that call yourselves so
   because you are told you are such--but you who feel yourselves to be
   guilty before God, here is good news for you! O you self-condemned
   sinners who feel that if you ever get salvation, Jesus must bring it to
   you and be the beginning and the end of it, I pray you rejoice in this
   dear, this precious, this blessed name, for Jesus has come to save you,
   even YOU! Go to Him as sinners! Call Him, "Jesus," and cry, "O Lord
   Jesus, be Jesus to me, for I need Your salvation!" Doubt not that He
   will fulfill His own name and exhibit His power in you! Only confess to
   Him your sin and He will save you from it! Only believe in Him and He
   will be your salvation!

   V. The fifth point is very clear and well worthy of note. THE NAME OF
   Jesus, for He shall save." He shall save from sin. Why do men write
   lives of Christ who know nothing about His main business and objective?
   Why do some preach about Christ who do not know the very essence and
   heart of Him? Think of knowing Milton, but not as a poet, and Bacon,
   but not as a philosopher!

   There is no knowing our Lord, if He is not known as a Savior, for He is
   that or nothing! Those who fall short of His salvation do not even know
   His name! How, then, should they know Him?

   His name is not called Jesus because He is our Exemplar though, indeed,
   He is Perfection, itself, and we long to walk in His footsteps. But His
   name is called Jesus because He has come to save that which is lost! He
   is Christ, too, or The Anointed, but then He is Christ Jesus, that is
   to say, it is as a Savior that He is anointed! He is nothing if He is
   not a Savior! He is anointed to this very end. His very name is a sham
   if He does not save His people from their sins! Now, Jesus does save
   His people from sin for, first, He does it by taking all the sins of
   His people upon Himself. Do you think that is a strong expression? It
   is warranted by the Scriptures. "The Lord has laid on Him the iniquity
   of us all." Christ's shoulders bore the guilt of His people and because
   He took their load, His people are free and have henceforth no burden
   of sin to weigh them down.

   He saves His people through His personal Substitution--by standing in
   their stead and suffering in their place. There is no other way of
   salvation but by His vicarious sufferings and death! Then He saves them
   by bearing the penalty due to their sin. Where the sin lies, the
   penalty falls. "The chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with
   His stripes we are healed." "He was made a curse for us." "Christ also
   has suffered for us." He died, "the Just for the unjust, to bring us to
   God." He bore the wrath of God which was due to us. He has taken the
   sin and paid the penalty--and now liars come in and falsely say that we
   teach that a man is to believe the dogma of Atonement and then he is
   saved and may live as he likes!

   They know better! They know that they misrepresent us, for we always
   teach that this great work of Substitution and penalty-bearing by
   Christ works in the person who partakes in its benefits, love to God,
   gratitude to Christ and consequent hatred of all sin! And this change
   of heart is the very core and essence of salvation! This is how Christ
   saves His people from their sin--by rescuing them, by the force of His
   love--out of the power, tyranny and dominion of sins which before then
   had the mastery over them. I knew what it was to strive against sin as
   a moral person, seeking to overcome it. But I found myself mastered by
   sin, like Samson when his hair was lost, and the Philistines bound him.
   But since I have believed in Jesus, I find motives for being holy which
   are more influential with me than any I knew before! I find weapons
   with which to fight my sin that I never knew how to handle before and a
   new strength has been given me by the Holy Spirit.

   "This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith." This is
   the power which drives out the vipers of sin from the soul--the
   precious blood of Jesus! He that has believed in Jesus as his expiation
   and atonement becomes, thereby, through the power of the Holy Spirit,
   renewed in heart! He has fresh objects set before him; fresh motives
   sway him--and thus Jesus saves His people from their sins! Beloved, if
   we had space at this time, I should like to speak about how completely
   Christ saves His people from their sins--how when He comes in He turns
   out the strong man armed with mighty force! How that strong armed man
   seeks to come back again and does, as far as he can, gain a partial
   entrance, but Jesus drives him out again! How all the damage and
   foulness that were left within the house by the old tenant are
   gradually cleared away by Jesus, till at last His people are fully
   sanctified as temples of the living God.

   His saints shall be without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing--and no
   sign that the devil ever dwelt within them shall remain upon them!
   Viewing each one of their risen bodies as a temple of God, you shall
   search those bodies through and not find a trace of the dominion of
   sin! You shall look into the heart, into the mind, into the
   understanding--but when Jesus has done His purging work there shall be
   no scar or speck to show that sin was ever there! So completely shall
   He save His people from their sins that they shall be fit to dwell with
   angels! Better--they shall be fit to dwell with God! May I say better
   than that? They shall be one with Jesus, one with Him throughout
   eternity! The fullness of Him that fills all in all. How glorious, how
   transcendent is the salvation which Jehovah Jesus has brought to us!

   It was given Him before

   He had done anything. While yet He was a Baby, or before His trembling
   feet had learned to tread the cottage floor at Nazareth, He was Jesus
   the Savior! But is the name well deserved? Many a child has had a grand
   name and his life has contradicted it. I remember a grave on which
   there is the name of a child, "Sacred to the memory of Methuselah
   Coney, who died aged six months." His parents were mightily mistaken
   when they called him Methuselah!

   Many other names are equally inappropriate and are proved to be so in
   the course of years. But this Jesus is a Savior, a true Jesus! He bears
   a name which He well deserves. Come to the Christ and see, there, the
   many that once rioted in sin

   and rolled in the mire--they are washed! They are sanctified and now
   they rejoice in holiness! Who purified them? Who but Jesus? He that
   saves His people from their sins has saved them! Go to deathbeds and
   hear saints telling of His love and speaking of the Heaven which is
   already dawning in their souls! Some of these once could sit on the
   ale-bench and use the swearer's oath, but Jesus has cleansed them!

   Climb up to Heaven and behold the snow-white host, glittering like the
   sun in spotless purity. I ask them from where they came? The reply is
   that they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of
   the Lamb! It is most true that Jesus saves His people from their
   sins--the earth knows it, Hell howls at it and Heaven chants it! Time
   has seen it and eternity shall reveal it! There is none like Jesus in
   saving power! All glory be to Him! He shall come from Heaven with a
   shout and all His hosts shall be with Him. The day of the supper of the
   Lamb shall come and the bride has made herself ready. And she that is
   the queen all glorious within, wearing her raiment of worked gold shall
   sit down at the table of God with her glorious Husband--then shall it
   be seen that He has saved His Church, His people, from their sins!

   home name. It is the name His Father gave Him! It is the name His
   mother gave Him--Jesus, the Child Jesus. We also belong to His family
   for he that believes in Him is His father, mother, sister and
   brother--and that most dear and familiar name by which He was known at
   home is always in our mouths! He is the Lord and we worship Him! But He
   is Jesus and we love Him! Jesus is also the heart name and is full of
   the music of love. They who loved Him best gave Him the name,
   especially His mother, who pondered everything about Him in her heart.
   It is the name which moves our affections and fires our souls--

   "Jesus, the very thought of you With sweetness fills my breast."

   Let your hearts go out towards Him in tender union. Jesus is His death
   name--"Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews," was written on His Cross.
   That is His resurrection name. That is His Gospel name which we preach.
   It is the name which Peter preached to the Gentiles when he said, "This
   is Jesus of Nazareth by whom is preached to you the remission of sins."
   And this, Beloved, is His Heaven name! They sing to Him there as Jesus!
   See how it concludes the Bible. Read Revelation! Read its songs and see
   how they worship Jesus, the Lamb of God! Let us go and tell of this
   name! Let us continually meditate upon it! Let us love it from this day
   and forever! Amen.